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Are you worrying about the finances to grow your business in the market? Our Financial advisors in Calgary  and financing services bring you monetary support while helping you in developing the business.

It is often seen that owners of most small to medium-sized business enterprises (SMBE) draw out their Business Plans without putting in the required amount of time and ideas. Even, the management team is largely busy with their day-to-day activity and business planning that it becomes tough for them to design a well-established Business Plan before approaching a lender for funding. But the reality is that, time spent in preparing a Business Plan is as vital as investing time in business development. A well-prepared Plan with details and depth heightens your chance of receiving the funding and it also refreshes the strategic planning that you developing for business growth.

A business loan request made without sufficient planning communicates to the lender that it is a high-risk loan. As such, it makes sense to approach financing with organisation and preparation. You can get assistance from TaxBuddies in creating and writing an extensive, forward-thinking business plan.

A business loan request made without sufficient planning communicates a lot, along with showing your lack of interest, and confidence in your business strategies. Hence, a rejection from the lender is obvious. But with TaxBuddies, you can develop an extensive, well-planned, business plan reflecting your passion for the company and positive stance towards its growth.

Give your best shot with us helping you to prepare a winning proposal for your funding. Our proposals are written with the lender in mind, so they have a high chance of being approved. We can get the funds you require because we are aware of the requirements that lenders have. More significantly, we can convince them about your repayment which makes us grab the funding more easily.

A business plan contributes to the development of a business.

  • To keep your company on track and focused on its main goals, think of a Business Plan as a smart roadmap. It guides your team and ensures everyone is heading in the right direction.
  • Having a reliable business plan will help you come across to lenders as a well-managed, strategic, and professional company.
  • Whether your company is just starting out or already established, having a Business Plan is crucial. It helps concentrate resources on reaching your organizational goals, making success more achievable.
  • A Business Plan is an effective way of understanding your business position in the market. Realizing the full potential of your business and its future place in the market is made easier with the help of a strategically designed business plan.
  • Your business plan will help to present each step right in front of you, making it easier to identify and achieve your growth potential. This is something that lenders consider when granting loans.
  • Additionally, a well-crafted business plan will support ongoing organisational effectiveness.

Benefits of a Business Plan

  • Lead your organization toward success and growth in emerging markets.
  • Create and maintain a competitive mindset for business development.
  • Identify the potential market opportunities

Our approved loan proposals include:

An Executive Summary

This is where we thoughtfully explain the reason for the loan, its intended use, the precise amount that is needed, and its purpose.

Pro-forma Cash Budgets and Financial Statements

We prepare information by using your company’s data and underlying assumptions that are easy for your banker to understand and accept.

Owners Personal Financial Statements

For the bank, we include the last 3 years of personal tax returns in the financial statement and also identify the collateral being pledged as security for the loan.


We are happy to assist you in presenting your financial situation and needs to your banker.

You can call us at 403-768-4444 or send us an email today to find out more about how you can attain the required funds needed to expand your company.