Truckers Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Truckers Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Trucking Industry Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Truck drivers need to constantly travel throughout the time.

Expenses get accumulated and seeing the nature of the profession, having someone who can oversee your spending and make sure everything is assessed so that you pay the minimal amount of tax is crucial.

To retain your hard-earned money in your pocket and save maximum, TaxBuddies are here to guide drivers through the complex web of difficulties relating to the nature of their business and to make sure your finances are organized, and your taxes are correctly managed. Here, we also help you and your family with long-term financial and tax planning.

We bring you the following services for truckers and their Trucking Companies:

Accounting for Small or Medium Size Trucking Company

Our monthly bookkeeping services are focused on maintaining your business profitable and debt-free. We develop P&Ls, estimate taxes, analyse settlement statements, and make sure you always understand your financial status.

Accounting and Tax Services for Owner/Operators

The deduction in tax is greatly different between truck drivers and long-haul truckers. You can save a lot of money and hassles by being aware of the deductions you are able to claim. With extensive industry experience, TaxBuddies optimizes your tax deductions and guarantees that your record books are maintained accurately. With us, we bring you a bright financial future while also helping you save time and money.

Tax filing for truck drivers

While having a specific tax deduction set for the incorporated truckers and long-haul truck drivers, it becomes difficult to manage and know the benefits all the time. For instance, you can deduct 50% of your meals and beverages as a truck driver. However, if you drive a long distance and are a long-haul trucker, you can claim 80% of $17 to $23 per meal expenses (retroactive to January 1, 2020) eligible for certain travel periods. Additionally, being a long-haul truck driver, you can also enjoy the claim benefits of lodging and shower expenditures.

The benefits are numerous and TaxBuddies are here to assist you in optimizing your expenses, making your tax filing easier, and bringing you the deductions that you are entitled to.

GST/HST Filing

We at TaxBuddies know the regulations surrounding the filing and collection of GST/HST. Our team of professionals ensures that your GST/HST filing is completed correctly and timely with our Tax Return Services available just for your financial needs.

Payroll and Payroll Remittance Filing

Our payroll service frees up your time so you can focus on growing your company. We can precisely manage and guarantee the seamless operation of your payroll process.

The team organizes the payroll process, guarantees compliance by taking the appropriate deductions, and handles the T4 slips and other paperwork while also taking care of the remittances in the right manner.


Once you join TaxBuddies, we make sure your tax returns are filled and already along with extra copies for emergencies. From coordinating with CRA to handling important papers with the officials, we take care of everything.

Avail the benefits by contacting us at 403-768-4444 and get in touch to know more in detail. Let’s simplify your financial life together.